Eliminating Subvocalization

 Mastering Speed Reading: How to Eliminate Subvocalization and Read Faster

Subvocalization, the habit of silently pronouncing words while reading, can significantly hinder reading speed and comprehension. To become a proficient speed reader, it’s crucial to eliminate this subvocalization tendency. In this article, we’ll explore effective techniques to help you break free from subvocalization and unlock the potential of faster reading.

Eliminating Subvocalization
Eliminating Subvocalization

Why Subvocalization Holds You Back

Subvocalization is a common reading habit that stems from our early learning experiences when we were taught to read aloud. While it might seem like a natural way to process information, subvocalization hampers your reading speed for two primary reasons:

1. Slows Down Reading Speed: Pronouncing every word internally takes time and limits the number of words your eyes can process in a minute.

2. Reduces Comprehension: Focusing on pronunciation can distract you from grasping the text’s overall meaning, leading to a shallow understanding.

Effective Strategies to Eliminate Subvocalization

1. Mindful Awareness: The first step to breaking the subvocalization habit is becoming aware of it. Pay attention to your reading patterns and notice when you catch yourself silently pronouncing words.

2. Use a Pointer: Train your eyes to follow a pointer (e.g., your finger or a pen) along the lines as you read. This helps maintain focus on the text and reduces the tendency to subvocalize.

3. Speed Drills: Engage in timed reading exercises where you force yourself to read faster than your usual pace. This challenges your brain to process information without subvocalizing.

4. Chunking: Instead of reading word by word, practice reading groups of words in one glance. This allows you to process information more efficiently.

5. Focus on Meaning: Shift your focus from pronouncing individual words to understanding the meaning of the text as a whole. Train your brain to grasp concepts without internal vocalization.

6. White Noise or Music: Some readers find that listening to white noise or instrumental music while reading can help reduce subvocalization.

7. Use Visualization: Try picturing the concepts and ideas in your mind as you read. Visualization can help you comprehend the material without the need for internal pronunciation.

Benefits of Eliminating Subvocalization

1. Increased Reading Speed: By eliminating subvocalization, you can significantly increase your reading speed, allowing you to cover more material in less time.

2. Improved Comprehension: Breaking free from subvocalization allows your brain to focus on understanding the content, leading to enhanced comprehension.

3. Better Concentration: Without the distraction of subvocalizing, your concentration and focus on the text improve.

4. Efficient Learning: Speed reading with comprehension ensures you can quickly learn and retain information from various sources.


Eliminating subvocalization is a key step toward becoming a proficient speed reader. By practicing these techniques and maintaining mindful awareness, you can break free from this limiting habit and unlock your full reading potential. Embrace the journey of speed reading, and you’ll discover a world of knowledge waiting to be explored. Happy reading!

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